Buffalo Rising article on the 2015 LCN Gathering

Excerpt: When I came to Buffalo eleven years ago, I was very tired. I had spent the previous ten years trying to figure out how to do what I imagined was possible. I hadn’t anticipated how difficult it would be. For a girl from Alaska, Buffalo was the first place I’d been that felt just enough like home. I remember when I realized I could stay for twenty years and be happy. I could DO things here. When I drove along the 190, over to the 198, along the water and old industrial brick buildings, I thought of where my mother was born, outside of Manchester, England, an aging industrial area that was becoming an exciting place for creative types and entrepreneurs. It was actually the cheese selection at Wegman’s that first persuaded me to stay. The friend I was staying with at the time made a point of driving me down Elmwood Avenue one evening in early December to show me the decorations and storefronts, to persuade me to stay here. The second major hook was when I discovered that Frank Lloyd Wright had a presence here. There was something about these experiences that spoke to me of culture, community, and bold action.
See the full article: http://buffalorising.com/2015/10/lcn-gathering/