Megan Hoffman grew up in rural Alaska, where she said her classmates didn’t have a sense of all the opportunities they had. Some succumbed to drugs; others simply tread water until college. There was a systemic hole that nobody was filling.

Hoffman, now a Buffalo resident, doesn’t want that to happen here. She is spearheading a new community partnership, dubbed Learning Choices Network, that will establish programs for area youth. The idea is to connect them to the community in which they live and the economy to which they contribute.

Megan Hoffman, who is spearheading the Learning Choices Network initiative, said…more


Real-life experiences will make an important development difference for participating children, Hoffman said.

“The best jobs to have right now, nobody ever anticipated earlier. So how do we create opportunities for young people for that adaptability and to be active participants in their own education?” she said.

Learning Choices’ pilot initiative will be its Best of Buffalo Urban Immersion project, with participating children exploring city neighborhoods and a variety of activities.

The number of participants is limited and the registration deadline is June 14.

Those interested can contact Hoffman at 716-474-3669 or

For more information on the program, visit

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